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You'll love this enchanting hotel on Kaikoura's waterfront. Stay in delightful cheap & cheerful courtyard rooms - or gorgeous waterfronts. Boo Teek cafe and bar open all day everyday from 7.30am serves breakfast, brunch & platters. Superb coffee, wine and champagne too. Staying with us or not, come visit us soon x

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This is one very lovely hotel that is sure to delight, from check-in to check-out. Peacefully located half way along the Esplanade, it's only a short walk to the towns best restaurants and famous attractions. The buildings that make up the Kaikoura Boutique Hotel surround a large sun-soaked and rather swanky courtyard garden. The luxe 5-star waterfront rooms are all on the first floor of the historic building, with views galore. Everything else is on ground level - the cafe, bar, reception and delighfully cheap & cheerful courtyard rooms. 

Whether staying with us or not, you'll love Boo Teek Cafe & Bar - open all day everyday from 7.30am - serving breakfast, brunch and platters - superb coffee, wine and champagne! Bloody Mary & Mimosa popular over a lazy brunch too!

We're all about making your time in Kaikoura magical and fun. Come visit us soon X

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