Ocean View Massage, your peaceful harbour, right by the ocean, is a place to BE and leave all the DOing behind. Here, You can just relax, unwind and distress and trust the therapist to do the rest. 

At Ocean View Massage I offer various massages from full body relaxation, hot stones to therapeutic/deep tissue work, beauty facials and other treatments including various pamper packages for full immersion leaving your body, mind and soul to feel lighter and fully recharged. 

I trust myself to be intuitive in my approach, which allows the treatment to be tailored to your specific needs. All that is asked from You is just to show up, the rest will be taken care of."

* Massage
* Facials
* Pamper Packages 

Bookings are essential, please text: 02040326662 or email theoceanviewmassage@gmail.com

For prices, opening times and client reviews visit Facebook or Google- Ocean View Massage, Kaikoura